Classic Platform Working Groups (CP)

WG-CP-RTE (Working Group Classic Platform Runtime Environment)

Technical Scope

WG-CP-RTE is responsible for the definition of the run time environment (RTE), the virtual function bus (VFB), the debugging and diagnostics log and trace modules.

Therefore the Working Group has the following responsibilities:

  • Optimization of communication mechanisms between the SWCs and the BSW modules
  • Requirement definition and tracing
  • Definition of software specification through RTE utilization
  • Maintenance of the feature list

WG-CP-MCL (Working Group Classic Platform Micro controller abstraction layer)

Technical Scope

WG-CP-MCL is responsible for software modules and new features with focus on Micro controller abstraction layer and hardware near software modules.

This includes:

  • Standard peripheral abstraction layer
  • Drivers
  • HW abstraction
  • Time services

WG-CP-LIB (Working Group Classic Platform Libraries)

Technical Scope
WG-CP-LIB is responsible for the definition of all AUTOSAR Library functions which includes fixed-point and floating-point math functions including:
  • Basic arithmetic functions
  • Controller functions
  • Filter functions
  • Interpolation functions
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Bit handling functions
  • CRC functions
  • Crypto functions
  • Software component end-to-end communication protection functions