Explore more about the AUTOSAR working group structure and their tasks, scopes and responsibilities.

All activities are assigned to develop and maintain the Classic Platform, Adaptive Platform, Application Interfaces, Sensor Interfaces and Foundation.

Cross-Standard Lead Working Groups (FO, CP, AP)

WG-A (Working Group Architecture)

WG-MT (Working Group Methodology & Templates)

WG-SEC (Working Group Security)

WG-SAF (Working Group Safety)

Details about Cross-Standard Lead Working Groups (FO, CP, AP)


Classic Platform Working Groups (CP)

WG-CP-RTE (Working Group Classic Platform Runtime Environment)

WG-CP-MCL (Working Group Classic Platform Micro controller abstraction layers

WG-CP-LIB (Working Group Classic Platform Libraries)

Details about Classic Platform Working Groups (CP)





Cross-Standard Working Groups (FO, CP, AP)

WG-AIF (Working Group Application Interfaces)

WG-CLD (Working Group Cloud Service)

WG-IVC (Working Group In-Vehicle Communication)

WG-V2X (Working Group Vehicle2X)

WG-DIA (Working Group Diagnostics)

WG-RES (Working Group Resources)

WG-TSY (Working Group Time Synchronization)

WG-UCM (Working Group Update and Configuration Management)

Details about Cross-Standard Working Groups (FO, CP, AP)

Adaptive Platform Working Groups (AP)

WG-AP-EMO (Working Group Adaptive Platform Execution
Management & OS Interface)

WG-AP-DI (Working Group Adaptive Platform Demonstrator Integration)

WG-AP-ST (Working Group Adaptive Platform System Test)

WG-AP-PER (Working Group Adaptive Platform Persistency)

WG-AP-CCT (Working Group Adaptive Platform Central Coding Team)

Details about Adaptive Platform Working Groups (AP)