AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a global partnership of leading companies in the automotive and software industry to develop and establish the standardized software framework and open E/E system architecture for intelligent mobility.

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Our Core Partners

Nine companies founded the AUTOSAR partnership to consolidate the expertise of partner companies in the automotive industries and define an automotive open system architecture standard to support the needs of future automotive applications


The primary goal of the AUTOSAR development partnership is the standardization of basic system functions and functional interfaces. Find out more about our standards.

The AUTOSAR Classic Platform is a software platform with a layered software architecture defined by AUTOSAR which is used for deeply embedded systems and application software with high requirements for predictability, safety, security and responsiveness. It distinguishes at the highest level of abstraction between three software layers running on a microcontroller: Application, Runtime Environment (RTE) and Basic Software (BSW), and provides a modular and scalable approach to software development.

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The AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform implements the AUTOSAR Runtime for Adaptive Applications (ARA) and consists of functional clusters grouped into Services and the AUTOSAR Adaptive Basis. It provides two types of interfaces, Services and APIs, and is the AUTOSAR solution for high-performance ECUs to build safety-related systems. The platform is designed to meet the requirements of highly automated vehicles and supports dynamic updates and reconfigurations of software systems.

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The AUTOSAR Foundation Standard is intended to ensure interoperability between AUTOSAR platforms and contains common requirements and technical specifications (e.g. protocols) that are used by the other AUTOSAR standards. Special attention was paid to the interoperability of the AUTOSAR classic and adaptive platform standards. Accordingly, the generic artifacts of these two platforms are included. In addition, the standard also provides artifacts that enable compatibility between non-AUTOSAR and AUTOSAR platforms.

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The AUTOSAR application interfaces are standardized signals of the application software that can be used by applications to communicate with each other. This standardization allows applications from different manufacturers to be combined with each other or an application from one manufacturer to be reused in different projects. The standardization is carried out in terms of syntax and semantics for the various vehicle domains. In addition, AUTOSAR defines implementation patterns for the provision of certain signals from the sensor data.

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The realization of the AUTOSAR industry standard will provide significant benefits for OEMs, leading suppliers as well as for tool providers and new market entrants. Involve yourself in the development of AUTOSAR through the following types of partnership:

  • Premium Partner Plus


    Main advantage of this partnership

    Appoint one full-time equivalent (FTE) employee as a member of the AUTOSAR Project Leader team, thus underlining the steering component of the PP+ program

    Be able to get involved in driving AUTOSAR standard development beyond purely technical standardization

  • Premium Partner


    Design and use the AUTOSAR standards

    Use the AUTOSAR technology royalty-free license for automotive and derived applications

    Access to work-in-progress, unreleased information and work

    Leadership of and cooperation in working groups

  • Development Partner


    An opportunity for small companies and start-ups

    Use the AUTOSAR technology royalty-free license for automotive and derived applications

    Access to current information and work

    Cooperation in working groups

  • Associate Partner


    Make use of the AUTOSAR standards

    Use the AUTOSAR technology royalty-free license for automotive and derived applications

    Access to information and the results of AUTOSAR development

  • Attendee Partner


    Collaborate and support in defining the AUTOSAR Standard

    Stay up to date and follow the autosar innovations

    Free use for universities and non profit organizations

  • Subscriber


    Participate in AUTOSAR Working Group meetings

    For individuals of the eligible public only

Our target is to jointly develop and establish an open industry standard for automotive E/E software architecture.
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