User Groups

There are two different kinds of user groups: AUTOSAR User Groups and External User Groups

An AUTOSAR User Group is a made up by AUTOSAR partners in order to work on a particular topic based on already released AUTOSAR standards.

  • Any AUTOSAR partner can initiate the set-up of an AUTOSAR User Group, typically together with other AUTOSAR partners having a joint interest with respect to AUTOSAR.
  • The interest must be of general relevance for the AUTOSAR community.
  • The working results of an AUTOSAR User Group shall be published by AUTOSAR.

An External User Group is a non-AUTOSAR organization which uses the AUTOSAR standards as basis for its independent work.

Principles for AUTOSAR User Groups

  • AUTOSAR User Groups are open to all kinds of AUTOSAR partners.
  • At least one member must belong to a Core or Premium or Development Partner partners. This ensures the interface to AUTOSAR working groups and AUTOSAR boards.
  • AUTOSAR User Groups agree upon the member contributions on their own and will administrate themselves.
  • All AUTOSAR User Groups benefit from the AUTOSAR infrastructure such as e-mail system and SVN access for document management.
  • An AUTOSAR User Group can be terminated by request of the User Group or by the Core Partners in case of the group’s inactivity.

AUTOSAR User Group China

AUTOSAR User Group China’s (UG-CN) vision Statement is to enable AUTOSAR for the Chinese market. To achieve this goal the user group works on an AUTOSAR demonstrator project to provide a user guideline “How to start with AUTOSAR” and a startup configuration for the demonstrator.

AUTOSAR User Group North America

AUTOSAR User Group North America’s (UG-NA) vision is to strengthen the skills of North American users with regard to AUTOSAR to take advantage of the benefits for the development of automotive EE architectures coming along with AUTOSAR.To make this vision come true they provide a collaborative environment to promote the utilization of AUTOSAR in the North American region. Furthermore, they develop key documents to help understanding the AUTOSAR standard and provide examples and configurations to address specific use cases.

AUTOSAR User Group Improved Exploitation

AUTOSAR User Group Improved Exploitation (UG-IE) stands for a better utilization of the AUTOSAR standards for industry. Their mission statement is to share experience on AUTOSAR utilization and exploitation. Other tasks include preparing proposals for strategy directions aiming at the increase of usability of AUTOSAR as well as additional effort savings. Moreover the UG-IE summarize results create presentations and technical papers with impulses for AUTOSAR strategy, technical working groups and users.


The Artop User Group is a group of licensed users of the AUTOSAR standard with a special interest in AUTOSAR compliant tools. The purpose of the Artop User Group is to advance the creation, evolution, promotion, and support of the AUTOSAR Tool Platform (Artop) and to cultivate both an active community of AUTOSAR partners and an ecosystem of complementary products.

The AUTOSAR Tool Platform (Artop) is an implementation of common base functionality for AUTOSAR development tools. Artop, including its source code, is available free of charge to all AUTOSAR partners.

see the Artop website



COMASSO provides a standard implementation that builds upon AUTOSAR’s specification. By enabling collaborative development and application of AUTOSAR basic software in a community that is open for all AUTOSAR partners and their affiliates, COMASSO significantly increases the benefit of the AUTOSAR standard in the medium and long term.

see the comasso website