Adaptive Platform Working Groups (AP)

WG-AP-EMO (Working Group Adaptive Platform Execution Management & OS Interface)

Technical Scope

Working Group Execution Management & OS Interface is responsible for the elements of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform related to adaptive application execution.

Their tasks include:

  • Application start and stop
  • Application health monitoring
  • Application integrity management
  • Mode management
  • Adaptive Platform time synchronization
  • The responsibility for providing the specification of OS interface and execution management in the Adaptive Platform

WG-AP-DI (Working Group Adaptive Platform Demonstrator Integration)

Technical Scope
  • Responsible for delivering the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform Demonstrator (APD) such that specifications can be validated by requirement owners being part of other Working Groups.
  • Validation has the objective to approve and improve the quality of the requirements and/or implementation of features provided by Working Groups
  • Further the team is responsible for:
    • Providing the integration environment
    • Tooling to the implementers and supporting implementers for using a Continuous Integration approach
    • Collecting and integrating code into APD and running test applications

WG-AP-ST (Working Group Adaptive Platform System Test)

Technical Scope

Working Group System Test is responsible for the definition and executions of system tests for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform.


  • set-up an environment for system test
  • create and execute system tests in order to validate the requirement specification of AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform
  • write system test specification

System Tests shall be based on System Test specifications derived from the requirement specification and shall cover all of the testable RS requirements.

Additionally, WG-AP-ST is responsible for implementing applications used for system test and demonstration of the capabilities of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

WG-AP-ST strongly interacts with WG-AP-DI, which provides the integrated AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform demonstrator.

WG-AP-PER (Working Group Adaptive Platform Persistency)

Technical Scope

Working Group Persistency is responsible for the elements of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform related to data storage.

Their tasks include:

  • Persistent storage of data
  • KeyValueStorage: Single data items, organized by keys
  • FileProxy: Entire files, addressed by file names
  • Safe and secure storage

WG-AP-CCT (Working Group Adaptive Platform Central Coding Team)

Technical Scope
  • Adaptive Platform Demonstrator implementation
    • Coordination of all Functional Cluster implementations
    • Implementation of core functionality of the Demonstrator
    • Common code shared between Functional Clusters
    • Generator (for ara::com proxy/skeleton, and possibly other use cases)
    • SW-Design (Inter-functional cluster interfaces)
  • User Guide in AUTOSAR Wiki
  • Not-in-scope:
    • Build system
    • Source code repository structure
    • Development Guide in AUTOSAR Wiki
    • Continuous integration
    • Release preparation