We offer a worldwide network of 350+ partners with leading experts in Automotive SW

Core Partner

Nine companies founded the AUTOSAR partnership to consolidate the expertise of partner companies in the automotive industries and define an automotive open system architecture standard to support the needs of future in-car applications.

  • Make smart choices

    Our partners save time and money while benefiting from our standards

  • Become part of our community

    We are stronger together Collaboration enables innovation

  • Increase produc­tivity in ECU devel­op­ment

    Benefit from our standards and watch your productivity grow

  • Reach a larger market

    Increase your market and enjoy success

Types of partnerships

AUTOSAR implemented six different partnership types. Appropriate rights and duties are allocated to the various types.

What Do They Do ?
Who Is Addressed ?
Size of Company's Automotive Business Area
Royalty-Free Exploitation License
Cooperation in Working Groups
Leaderships Working Groups
Collaboration with Project Leader Team
Annual Administration Fee
Annual Contribution
  • Premium Partner Plus
    Drive the technical standardization of AUTOSAR
    Focus on market leaders to drive innovations in AUTOSAR standards
    90.000 Euro
    5 FTEs + 1 FTE (Project Leader)
  • Premium Partner
    Design and use AUTOSAR standards
    An oppurtunity for all companies to influence the development of the AUTOSAR standard
    31.000 Euro *
    1,5 FTE *
  • Development Partner
    Design and use AUTOSAR standards
    An opportunity for small companies and start-ups
    < 100
    10.000 Euro
    0,5 FTE
  • Associate Partner
    Use AUTOSAR standards
    An opportunity for followers to stay updated
    21.000 Euro
    No contribution
  • Attendee
    Collaborate and support in defining the AUTOSAR Standard
    Focus on universities and non-profit organizations
    Individual agreement
  • Subscriber
    Participate in AUTOSAR Working Group meetings
    Open to individuals of the eligible public
    3.000 Euro
    No contribution

* Instead of contribution from FTEs for Premium Partner you can also pay a compensation fee 


Benefits for OEM:

  • Establish development distribution among suppliers
  • Compete on innovative functions with increased design flexibility
  • Simplify software and system integration
  • Reduce overall software development costs

Benefits for tool provider:

  • Interface with development processes
  • Embed tools into an overall tool environment

Benefits for supplier:

  • Reduce version proliferation
  • Reuse software modules across OEMs
  • Increase efficiency of application development
  • Invent new business models

Benefits for new market entrant:

  • Enable new business models by means of standardized interfaces

Application Process

  • Write an email to partner@autosar.org

  • Receive your individual information package

  • Clarify your partnership with AUTOSAR and provide individual information about your company

  • Candidate signs the AUTOSAR partner agreement

  • Send the signed Agreement back to AUTOSAR. AUTOSAR signs the partner agreement.

Information Package Content

The individual information package contains:

  • Introduction to AUTOSAR
  • AUTOSAR achievements and concepts
  • Detailed information on the application process 
  • Detailed information on contributions
  • Partner agreement
  • Company profile of the applicant
  • Partner Questionnaire