Acceptance Tests for Classic Platform


AUTOSAR acceptance tests are system tests at both bus level and application level. The AUTOSAR stack is considered as a black box. This means that a provider of such a stack can use these tests to provide initial proof that its implementation complies with the standard.
Currently the latest release is the R1.2 intended to be used to test the classic platform release R4.2 and the foundation release R1.0. 
There are no new releases planned.

Archive Release
*documents are currently not available. But will provided soon.*

AUTOSAR Foundation Release 1.2

AUTOSAR Foundation Release 1.1

AUTOSAR Foundation Release 1.0


For the validation of the interoperability of different AUTOSAR stacks within a network AUTOSAR provides the follwoing test cases: 

  • RTE requirements (like the generation from artifacts, existence of APIs, RTE behavior), 
  • Basic software services, libraries, as well as bus behavior (e.g. transmission behavior, bus off handling, network management) and 
  • Bus protocols (e.g. transport protocol, network management, diagnostic communication). 
  • A methodology, which can be used by users to extend the standard test suite, for instance on standard features not covered in the standard set, or on user specific features.

As shown in the figure below, the acceptance test can be seen as a basic set of standard tests which are extendable by the OEM specific or project specific test cases