Application Interface

AUTOSAR standardized a large set of application interfaces in terms of syntax and semantics for the following six vehicle domains: Body and Comfort, Powertrain Engine, Powertrain Transmission, Chassis Control, Occupant and Pedestrian Safety as well as HMI, Multimedia and Telematics.

The focus is on interface specifications of well-established applications in order to emphasize software reuse and exchange, which is considered as one of the main requirements of AUTOSAR. The deployment of standardized application interfaces is a key factor for the reuse of applications.

The application interface descriptions contain a richness of data standardized by experts of all partners. These standardized interfaces allow software designers and implementers to use them in case of expanding or reusing software components independent of a specific hardware and/or Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

In general, applications are the competitive edge of an ECU. AUTOSAR is not going to standardize the functional internal behavior of an application, e.g. algorithms, but the content exchanged between applications.

Typical examples of applications are electronic stability control (ESC), steering, electric parking brake, park distance control, exterior light, anti-theft systems, remote keyless entry and so on.