Classic Platform (CP)

The Classic Platform is AUTOSAR's solution for embedded systems with hard real-time and safety constraints.
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Adaptive Platform (AP)

The Adaptive Platform is AUTOSAR’s solution for high-performance computing ECUs to build fail-operational systems for use cases such as autonomous driving.
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Foundation (FO)

Common parts of the Classic Platform and Adaptive Platform are released as a separate standard called AUTOSAR Foundation. Common parts are for example bus protocols and common aspects of the methodology.
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Acceptance Tests for Classic Platform (AT)

AUTOSAR acceptance tests are system tests at bus level as well as at application level to validate the behavior of an AUTOSAR stack with regards to the application software components as well as to the communication bus.
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Application Interfaces (AI)

AUTOSAR standardized a large set of application interfaces in terms of syntax and semantics for the following five vehicle domains: Body and Comfort, Powertrain Engine, Powertrain Transmission, Chassis Control, as well as Occupant and Pedestrian Safety.
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Comparison of technical characteristics of


Operating system based on OSEK

Operating system based on POSIX (PSE51 with optional extensions)

Execution of code directly from ROMApplication is loaded from persistent memory into RAM

Same address space for all applications (MPU support for safety)

Each application has its own (virtual) address space (MMU support)

Optimized for signal-based communication (CAN, FlexRay)

Designed for service-oriented communication
Fixed task configurationSupport of multiple dynamic scheduling strategies

Specification and code

The specifications as released by the AUTOSAR development partnership are intended for the purpose of information only. The use of material contained in the specifications requires membership within the AUTOSAR development partnership or an agreement with the AUTOSAR development partnership. The AUTOSAR development partnership will not be liable for any use of the specifications.