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AUTOSAR中国工作推进组将以发展和建立本土的“工作组导师(Working Group Mentor)”团队,协助中国区域合作伙伴更好、更便捷的参与并融入AUTOSAR国际工作组 为使命。赋能中国合作伙伴在AUTOSAR标准化工作中的参与,为AUTOSAR标准带来更多中国贡献。


  • 中国工作推进组成员(导师)职责描述:


  1. 参加推进组的常规交流会议。
  2. 与中国地区合作伙伴交流,介绍AUTOSAR标准化工作,回答合作伙伴提出的问题。
  3. 与相关合作伙伴保持紧密联络和良好关系,跟踪合作伙伴在工作组中的参与情况,并为其提供必要协助。
  4. 收集需求并反馈至推进组发言人。
  5. 根据工作需要直接参加到特定AUTOSAR WG中,并在推进组常规会议中同步信息。
  6. 参加每年一次的All WG Meeting (推荐)。
  • 中国工作推进组发言人职责描述:


  1. 组织召开推进组的常规交流会议。制定工作计划,完成任务分配,跟踪任务进度。
  2. 关注推进组成员状态,建设一个和谐、高效的团队。
  3. 对AUTOSAR工作组进行推广和传播,发掘和联络潜在的工作组成员。
  4. 保持对AUTOSAR标准化工作的深刻理解和最新动态的掌握。
  5. 为工作组导师组织和提供培训。
  6. 为工作组导师与合作伙伴的交流提供必要的二级支持。
  7. 根据工作需要直接参加到特定AUTOSAR WG中,并在推进组常规会议中同步信息。
  8. 参加每年一次的All WG Meeting (强烈推荐)。
  9. 逐步建立和完善工作推进组的工作流程。
  10. 定期与AUTOSAR中国中心发言人以及AUTOSAR PL讨论工作进展和目标。



Members and Speakers Recruitment – WG Bridge China

“The AUTOSAR standard is constantly evolving and demands increased manpower investment. Rapid development in the Chinese region has led to the widespread adoption of AUTOSAR, and Chinese partners are both willing and capable of participating in AUTOSAR standardization efforts. Strong support is essential to facilitate and encourage the involvement of Chinese regional partners in standardization processes.”

Against this backdrop, following nearly two years of market observation and discussion, the AUTOSAR China Hub introduced the "WG Bridge China" initiative during the "2024 Q1 UG-CN Meeting."

The mission of "WG Bridge China" is to cultivate a local team of "Working Group Mentors" dedicated to facilitating the integration of regional partners from China into AUTOSAR working groups. Through empowering Chinese partners’ participation in AUTOSAR standardization work, bring more contributions from China to the AUTOSAR standards.

Now we’d like to announce the commencement of members and speakers recruitment of the "WG Bridge China":

  • Responsibilities of “WG Bridge China” members(mentors):

Participate in the daily operations and meetings of "WG Bridge China" to advance its mission.

  1. Attend regular meetings of the group.
  2. Communicate with partners in the Chinese region, introduce AUTOSAR standardization work, and answer questions from partners.
  3. Maintain close contact and good relations with relevant partners, track their participation in working groups, and provide necessary assistance.
  4. Collect requirements and provide feedback to the speakers.
  5. Directly participate in specific AUTOSAR working groups as needed and synchronize information at regular meetings.
  6. Attend the annual All Working Group Meeting (recommended).
  • Responsibilities of “WG Bridge China” speakers:

Organize and lead the daily operations of "WG Bridge China" to advance its mission.

  1. Organize regular meetings of the group. Develop work plans, complete task assignments, and track task progress.
  2. Pay attention to the status of group members and build a collaborative and efficient team.
  3. Promote AUTOSAR working groups, discover and contact potential working group members.
  4. Maintain a deep understanding of AUTOSAR standardization work and stay updated on the latest developments.
  5. Organize and provide training for mentors.
  6. Provide necessary secondary support for communication between mentors and partners.
  7. Directly participate in specific AUTOSAR working groups as needed and synchronize information at regular meetings.
  8. Participate in the annual All Working Group Meeting (strongly recommended).
  9. Gradually establish and improve the workflow of the group.
  10. Regularly discuss work progress and goals with stakeholders.

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