AUTOSAR China Day 2024

The "AUTOSAR China Day 2024," co-hosted by AUTOSAR and Gasgoo, was successfully held on March 14th, 2024, in Shanghai. Several experts shared their views on AUTOSAR topics with the audience, including the development of the AUTOSAR Community in China, newly released AUTOSAR standards, AP applications, DDS, security, and the future trends of automotive software technology.

The entire event, which spanned from March 12th to March 14th, attracted more than 700 on-site attendees and over 174,000 online viewers. International visitors from abroad came to the AUTOSAR China Day to present and participate. During the panel discussion titled "How to add more Chinese flavors to AUTOSAR," experts exchanged views and confirmed the rising interest in China not only to use AUTOSAR but also to contribute to its standardization.

Mr. Jing Zhe, AUTOSAR Representative in China, announced the plan of setting up a Working Group Bridge China, which received high support from some Chinese AUTOSAR partners. Soon, people will see more AUTOSAR standards with Chinese contributions that fit the needs of Software Defined Vehicles.

Presentation slides of the speeches are available for download as attachment below.

Please also find here the recorded videos of the presentations:

1. AUTOSAR – “Shaping the World Together”

2. Huawei – “Exploration of Efficient Service Oriented Development and Application based on AUTOSAR”

3. i-soft – “AD in the Context of AUTOSAR”

4. ZC Technology – “How to Smoothly Transit to AP Mass Production”

5. Vector – “AUTOSAR Enables Seamless Implementation of China’s New Technical Requirements of Vehicle Cybersecurity”

6. AUTOSAR – “R23-11 Introduction”

7. RTI – “AUTOSAR Securing the Safety and Cybersecurity Requirements of the SDV”

8. Beijing Hirain – “AUTOSAR DDS Development Practice on HPC”

9. CAIC – “Applications and Challenges of AUTOSAR AP in AD”

10. Panel Discussion: How to Add More Chinese Flavor into AUTOSAR?