AUTOSAR Appoints New Chairperson Team 2024

AUTOSAR Chairperson Team 2023 handed over to the Chairperson Team 2024.

AUTOSAR appointed a new Chairperson Team for 2024. Michael Niklas-Höret is appointed as AUTOSAR Chairperson being deputized by Thomas Rüping as Deputy Chairperson. The Chairperson Team is completed by Carmine De Iesu as the new Speaker of the AUTOSAR Project Leader Team. Their term in office will last from January to December 2024.

The role of AUTOSAR Chairperson will be taken over by Michael Niklas-Höret, an active member of the AUTOSAR Steering Committee representing Continental AG. Michael has been active in AUTOSAR Standardization since 2013 in various roles, including being the AUTOSAR Steering Committee representative for Continental AG for the last 6 years, and as AUTOSAR Deputy Chairperson in 2022. Michael is interested in preparing the AUTOSAR standard to meet the challenges of the automotive industry and guiding the organization through the journey of the Software Defined Vehicle.

The duties of the AUTOSAR Deputy Chairperson will be taken over by Thomas Rüping, who is an active member of the AUTOSAR Steering Committee representing Robert Bosch GmbH and was, among others, in the role of Chairperson in 2023. After completing his studies in Electrical Engineering with Technical Informatics as a special focus, in 1988, Thomas began his career at Robert Bosch GmbH and is currently Project Director of AUTOSAR in the sector Mobility Solutions. Looking back to 15 years working with AUTOSAR and 9 years as part of the AUTOSAR Steering Committee, Thomas aims to enhance the AUTOSAR organization and standard to continue the great success story of AUTOSAR in the Software Defined Vehicle era.

The duties of the Speaker of the AUTOSAR Project Leader Team will be taken over by Carmine De Iesu, who is an active member of the AUTOSAR Project Leader Team representing Stellantis. Carmine received his Master’s degree from the University of Pisa in Telecommunication Engineering. After 5 years in Aerospace/Railway fields, in 2013 Carmine joined the Automotive world working for an Italian Tier 1 company, which began his contact with AUTOSAR. He was first a SW Developer for Infotainment projects and the SW Project Leader for Instrument Panels and Electrification ECU projects working with the most important OEMs. In 2023 Carmine joined Stellantis and at the same time the AUTOSAR Project Leader Team and is aiming to support AUTOSAR during its transition to the new SW era in his role as Project Leader Team Speaker.

The new Chairperson Team took up their responsibilities at the beginning of 2024 and is looking forward to a successful year full of perspectives and continuous growth as a standard and as an organization.

With this announcement, AUTOSAR wants to express a big thank you to the former Chairperson Team with Thomas Rüping as Chairperson, Peter Redlich as Deputy Chairperson and Pinglei Wang as Speaker of the Project Leader Team for their hard work and successful implementations throughout the 20th Anniversary year of AUTOSAR. The Chairperson Team 2023 has always kept the interest of the AUTOSAR organization at the forefront and has driven many fundamental developments for the organization in an innovative and collaborative manner with a dedicated approach.