AUTOSARs Derived Application

AUTOSAR Derived Applications have existed since 2016 not only for applications derived from automotive applications but for all applications that are not in a category ultra-hazardous. Now AUTOSAR decided to complement the interpretation of “Derived Application” with a list of examples of non-automotive applications that are not seen to be in a category of ultra-hazardous and therefore open for the usage of the AUTOSAR:

  • Mobility infrastructure
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Maritime Shipping
  • Railway
  • Urban Mobility
  • Industrial Automation
  • Building Automation
  • Household appliance
  • Medical technology


The list with examples is intended to serve as a basis for AUTOSAR partners on case-by-case decisions and cannot relieve applicants from their responsibility to evaluate other relevant legal aspects (e.g. regulatory law, import and export restrictions including military arms control, embargo and foreign trade law).

The use of AUTOSAR standards for non-automotive applications in a cross-industrial exchange of expertise and reuse of standardized solutions allows the applicants and AUTOSAR partners to benefit from almost 20 years of embedded software development with focus on functional safety and cybersecurity.