The Executive Board focuses on the following:

  • Decides on the overall strategy and roadmap of the AUTOSAR partnership
  • Takes office of organizational and administrative control such as the appointment and revocation of a Chairperson, a Deputy Chairperson and a Project Leader Team Speaker of the AUTOSAR development cooperation
  • Members are representatives of the Core Partners at executive management level
  • Meets typically once a year


The Steering Committee focus on the following:

  • Manages the strategy of AUTOSAR
  • Recommends changes to the development agreement
  • Recommends changes to the annual contributions to the partners
  • Manages the admission of partners
  • Manages the public relations
  • Defines external information (web-release, clearance)
  • Members are representatives of the Core Partners at technical management level
  • Meets typically every six weeks


The Project Leader Team focus on the following:

  • Responsibility for the development of AUTOSAR standards in all respects
  • Projects plans, financial plans and budgets within the budget framework
  • Rules of procedures and establishment of working groups
  • Gives technical information throughout the AUTOSAR development cooperation
  • Decides on technical questions related to the AUTOSAR development
  • Members are representatives of the Core Partners and Premium Partner Plus at project management level
  • Meets typically every six weeks


The Communication Team focuses on the following:

  • manages internal and external communications
  • Is responsible for press releases
  • Maintenance of the website
  • AUTOSAR boilerplates
  • Coordinates participation at congresses
  • Manages the communication strategy
  • Organizes AUTOSAR conferences

Working Groups are focusing on the following:

  • Specify the AUTOSAR Runtime Environment to provide inter- and intra-ECU communication across all nodes of a vehicle network
  • Define requirements and analysis of existing solutions in the area of basic software modules and automotive operating systems
  • Define methodology and data exchange formats to describe the exchange relevant elements of a vehicle's E/E system architecture
  • Define the API and service interfaces of the AUTOSAR Runtime Environment
  • Define standardized interfaces across the different vehicle domains.
  • Define acceptance tests.
  • Integrate an exemplary AUTOSAR software implementation for the Adaptive Platform
  • Members are Core, Premium, and Development Partners as well as Attendees which represent the extensive knowledge and experience of the partnership from the various domains


    The Legal Team focuses on the following:

    • legal issues regarding the AUTOSAR partnership such as the AUTOSAR development agreement.
    • Meets on demand
    • Members are representatives of the Core Partners


    AUTOSAR User Groups

    • Work on a particular topic based on already released AUTOSAR documents
    • The topic is of general relevance for the AUTOSAR community
    • Members are Core, Premium, Development and Associate Partners as well as Attendees


    External User Groups

    • The linked External User Groups do consist of AUTOSAR partners only, but are not administered by AUTOSAR. They focus on the exploitation of the AUTOSAR standard.


    The Support Functions focus on the following:

    • Organizational and administrative support of AUTOSAR
    • Primary contact for all information requests from the public, partnership applications etc.
    • Technical support of all AUTOSAR standards
    • Process support for technological, quality, specification and engineering management


    The AUTOSAR Chairperson is in charge of internal affairs and is supported by the Deputy Chairperson. Both are members of the AUTOSAR Steering Committee. They are appointed for a nine-month term.


    The AUTOSAR Spokesperson focuses exclusively on the external representation of the AUTOSAR development partnership e.g. gives interviews for press and media, and promotes AUTOSAR in talks.
    The Spokesperson is the face of AUTOSAR and has the function of a testimonial in the external communication. He is the first contact for marketing and publications.