AUTOSAR will be the global established standard for software and methodology enabling open E/E system architectures for future intelligent mobility supporting high levels of dependability, especially safety and security.

Motivation and Goals of AUTOSAR

Our motivation is
  • to manage the software and E/E complexity associated with growth in functional scope
  • to support the flexibility for product modification, upgrade and update
  • to leverage the scalability of solutions within and across product lines
  • to increase scalability and flexibility to integrate and transfer functions
  • to improve quality and reliability of software and E/E systems
Our goal is
  • to fullfil future vehicle requirements, such as availability and safety, SW upgrades/ updates, and maintainability
  • to increase scalability and flexibility to integrate and transfer functions
  • to increase a higher penetration of "Commercial off the Shelf" SW and HW components across product lines
  • to re-use of software
  • to accelerate development and maintenance
  • to improve containment of product and process complexity and risk
  • to optimize costs of scalable systems

General information

We have compiled general information about the AUTOSAR organisation and its partners:

  • A general Introduction to the AUTOSAR organisation (Part1)
  • A brief overview of the current features of AUTOSAR (Part2)

Download Part 1

Download Part 2


Dear AUTOSAR Partner,

You can find now our updated logo ready to download in different versions for WEB or Print qualities, we now also have available the logo guidelines.

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Modularity and configurability. Standardized interfaces. Feasibility and producibility.

Modularity and configurability
  • HW independence by a layered basic software architecture for automotive electronic control units
  • Transferability of functional SW-components within an E/E-system
  • Resource optimized configuration of the SW infrastructure of each ECU
  • Scalability of the E/E-system across the entire range of vehicle product lines
Standardized interfaces
  • Standardized APIs and service interfaces
  • Facilitate encapsulation of functional SW-components
  • Definition of data types of SW-components
Feasibility and producibility
  • Inter- and intra-ECU communication across all nodes of a vehicle network
  • Easy integration of customer specific functional SW-modules components
  • Exemplary AUTOSAR software implementation of the Adaptive Platform to accelerate the development of AUTOSAR products