Work Packages WP-A (Software Architecture)

WP-A1 (VFB and RTE)

Technical Scope

WP-A1 is responsible for the definition of the run time environment (RTE), the virtual function bus (VFB), the debugging and diagnostics log and trace modules.

Therefore the work package has the following responsibilities:

  • Requirements identification in general and in particular for the different working areas
  • Requirements tracing
  • Definition of standardized interfaces
  • Maintenance of the feature list

WP-A2 (COM Stack)

Technical Scope

WP-A2 is responsible for AUTOSAR communication architecture. This means WP-A2 defines and maintains all communication stack related specifications.

Further responsibilities:

  • Bus systems: CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, TTCAN
  • Modules per bus system such as Controller Driver, Transceiver Driver, Interface, Transport Protocol, Network Management, State Management

WP-A4 (Diagnostics)

Technical Scope

WP-A4 is responsible for the definition of the diagnostic AUTOSAR basic software including:

  • Diagnostic Communication Manager
  • Diagnostic Event Manager
  • Function Inhibition Manager

WP-A5 (MCAL - Micro Controller Abstraction Layer)

Technical Scope

WP-A5 is responsible for SW modules and new features with focus on MCAL and HW near SW modules. This includes:

  • Standard peripheral abstraction layer
  • Drivers
  • HW abstraction
  • Time services

WP-M (Methodology and Templates)

WP-M1 (Timing Analysis)

Technical Scope

WP-M1 is responsible for the definition of preferred methods for Timing Analysis development of AUTOSAR based systems. This includes:

  • Decomposition of timing requirements / levels
  • Timing analysis for SW-integration at ECU level
  • Timing analysis for networks
  • Timing analysis interface between ECU and network level
  • Methods for timing analysis
  • Timing analysis in the development process
  • Metrics for timing analysis process
  • Artifacts for data exchange

The deliverables of this work package are guides and explanatory documents which explain how the timing extensions in the AUTOSAR Templates can be used.

Cross-Standard Work Packages

Work Package WP-X-VAL (Validation)

Technical Scope

WP-X-VAL realizes quality assurance inside the partnership by validation of AUTOSAR concepts. This amends the reviews of the change management process and/or milestone review process.

AUTOSAR concepts are validated in one of the following ways:

  • By implementation: The basic software modules of a new concept are implemented and tested
  • By review: Experts check the concept document itself’ and especially its impact on specification level 

WP-X-VAL manages but does not execute these validation activities. The execution is either subcontracted or runs inside the AUTOSAR partnership.

WP-A3 (Functional Safety)

Technical Scope

WP-A3 is responsible to enable the usage of AUTOSAR in safety-related contexts based on Functional Safety standards. This includes:

  • Functional Safety feedback based on HW & SW
  • AUTOSAR concepts based on safety measures to be used by integrators
  • Artifacts for supporting automotive safety

Regional Work Package Japan (WP-R-JP)

Technical Scope

WP-R-JP consolidate Japanese market specific requirements to stimulate AUTOSAR in the Japanese market

  • WP-R-JP translates and converts Jaspar requirements to AUTOSAR concepts and/or changes.
  • WP-R-JP synchronizes future technology of AUTOSAR with Jaspar to avoid double work in Japan