Lead Work Packages

Lead WP-A (Software Architecture)

Technical Scope

Lead WP-A is responsible for the definition of the overall AUTOSAR basic software architecture. It targets:

  • Requirements tracing
  • Definition of general requirements on all modules
  • Definition of standardized interfaces
  • Maintaining the feature list

The focus of Lead WP-A is

  • Operating system
  • Secure access to ECU
  • Mode management on software component, ECU, and system level
  • Libraries
  • Multi-core
  • Energy efficiency
  • Interoperability to non-AUTOSAR SW
  • Language topics (compiler, memory abstraction)

Lead WP-M (Methodology and Templates)

Technical Scope

Lead WP-M is responsible for the definition of the overall AUTOSAR methodology and all template documents / exchange formats, including

  • System Template
  • Software Component Template
  • ECU Configuration Template
  • Standardization Template
  • Generic Structure Template
  • Basic Software Module Description Template
  • Interoperability of AUTOSAR Tools
  • ECU Resource Template
  • Timing Extensions
  • General Definitions
  • Predefined Names

Lead WP-I (Application Interfaces)

Technical Scope

Lead WP-I is responsible for the definition of the AUTOSAR standard Application Interfaces. Its activities include:

  • Blueprint definition (interfaces, ports, application data types, etc.)
  • Application interface ARXML generation
  • New concept implementation governance
  • Verification and validation of implementation
  • Keyword definition and management
  • Documentation for Application Interfaces
    • Modeling Guide
    • User Guide

Lead WP-T (Acceptance Test)

Technical Scope

Lead WP-T is responsible to engineer and release the Acceptance Test standard for a black box test for the basic software stack to achieve

  • Bus compatibility
  • Compatibility of protocols and BSW state machine behavior such as Startup / Shutdown
  • Application compatibility
  • Compatibility of interfaces to ensure integration of software components
  • Configuration compatibility
  • Compatibility of templates to ensure that a “typical” ECU extract can be used for configuration

The deliverables of this work package are acceptance test specifications.