Feature Teams (FT)

FT-CM (Communication Management)

Technical Scope

FT Communication Management is responsible for the definition of the communication related part of the Adaptive Platform middleware. The team

  • Defines the communication capabilities of the Adaptive Platform
  • Defines the communication API between applications and middleware for service based communication such as
    • Service Discovery
    • Service Provision
    • Service Usage
  • Defines how API between applications and middleware relates to SOME/IP messages on the network

FT-EMO (Execution Management)

Technical Scope

FT Execution Management & OS Interface is responsible for the elements of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform related to adaptive application execution

Their tasks include:

  • Application start and stop
  • Application health monitoring
  • Application integrity management
  • Mode management
  • The responsibility for providing the specification of OS interface and execution management in the Adaptive Platform

FT-DIAG (Adaptive Diagnostics)

Technical Scope

FT-DIAG is responsible for defining system and software specifications for diagnostic services.

Their tasks include:

  • Responsibility for providing quality conformant diagnostics code to FT-DI
  • Responsibility for providing corresponding diagnostic parameters that are to be configurable

FT-MM (Methodology & Manifests)

Technical Scope

FT-MM is responsible for defining all documents containing configuration parameters necessary for deploying and executing SW packages on the Adaptive Platform.

In particular, FT-MM is responsible for:

  • Defining the manifest specification
  • Defining the exchange format
  • Defining the methodology in order to build a complete AUTOSAR system, in particular the technical process
  • Provision the overall methodology for a system consisting of classic and adaptive platform, but also the dedicated methodology for each platform

FT-DI (Demonstrator Integration)

Technical Scope

FT-DI is responsible for delivering the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform Demonstrator (APD) such that specifications can be validated by requirement owners being part of other feature teams. Validation has the objective to approve the requirements and/or implementation of features provided by feature teams

Further the team is responsible for:

  • Providing the integration environment
  • Tooling to the implementers and supporting implementers for using a Continuous Integration approach
  • Collecting and integrating code into APD and running test applications

FT-PER (Persistency)

Technical Scope

FT-PER is responsible for providing mechanisms to an Adaptive AUTOSAR Application to store and restore persistent data over boot/ignition cycles.

That means

  • Providing information to a platform integrator about the resource needs of the persistent data in the application manifest
  • Providing persistency related specifications to the standard as well as demonstrator code to FT-DI

FT-SAF (Safety)

Technical Scope

FT-SAF is responsible for providing safety mechanisms within the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform that ensure the same safety level like in the AUTOSAR Classic Platform such as end-to-end protection.

FT-SAF is responsible for

  • The specification of safety mechanisms that are needed to support use-cases and technologies that are newly introduced in the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform
  • Giving advice on the usage of new technologies from a safety perspective for example by guidelines
  • Supporting other feature teams with regard to safety related problems and questions such as the implementation of safety related features