Acceptance Tests for Classic Platform

AUTOSAR acceptance tests are system tests at bus level as well as at application level to validate the behavior of an AUTOSAR stack with regards to the application software components as well as to the communication bus.

Thus, acceptance tests can be used for the validation of the interoperability of different AUTOSAR stacks within a network. The test cases provided by AUTOSAR cover RTE requirements (like the generation from artifacts, existence of APIs, RTE behavior), basic software services, libraries, as well as bus behavior (e.g. transmission behavior, bus off handling, network management) and bus protocols (e.g. transport protocol, network management, diagnostic communication). The number of test cases specified by AUTOSAR increases continuously.

In addition AUTOSAR provides a methodology, which can be used by users to extend the standard test suite, for instance on standard features not covered in the standard set, or on user specific features.