AUTOSAR Release Event

In this event we will present the newest Release of the AUTOSAR Standard to the AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) development partnership and interested public. You will get a high-level overview of the AUTOSAR platforms and organizational aspects as well as an outlook for the coming year. Furthermore, detailed features and highlights will be presented for selected concepts.

With the latest Release we want to support the developers with a parallel, well synchronized release of new features and improvements both for the Classic as well as the Adaptive Platform. This release supports the users of the AUTOSAR standard in various areas such as service-oriented architectures, Diagnostics over IP (DoIP), security, over-the-air updates as well as in the AUTOSAR methodology. Additionally, the release fixes some compatibility issues between the two platforms.


Watch our full AUTOSAR R21-11 Release Event programm presentations below

Welcome Address and Introduction



AUTOSAR Glimpse & Closing Session

Classic Platform Enhancements

Requirements Management

Feedback & Networking