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AUTOSAR Regional Spokesperson North America

AUTOSAR appoints Steve Crumb as Regional Spokesperson for North America.

Steve Crumb, Founding Executive Director of GENIVI Alliance, now called COVESA, has a long history with AUTOSAR starting in 2008 and including over 20 years of experience in leading and growing technical alliances and collaborative organizations in a variety of industries.

Beginning on the 1st of April 2022, Steve Crumb was appointed as Regional Spokesperson for the AUTOSAR Hub in North America.

In his role as the AUTOSAR representative of North America, Steve Crumb will oversee the communication activities for AUTOSAR User Groups and Working Groups, the support of Working Group Cloud and other technical activities to increase, strengthen and widen the involvement from AUTOSAR partners in North America.

Steve Crumb believes that organizations like AUTOSAR are essential to the automotive industry. He has a passion for cross organizational interactions that reduce the effort to integrate standards and common approaches delivered in multiple organizations. “No organization will effectively accomplish all that needs to be done in any given topic. And increasingly, vehicles must co-exist in adjacent industries like IoT, smart cities and intelligent infrastructure.” Steve Crumb hopes that he can contribute to a future where AUTOSAR aligns and even develops with a view of simplifying integration into not just the automotive industry, but a growing number of other industries in which vehicles will play an important role. He has a strong interest in seeing AUTOSAR be more open and collaborative with other organizations and sees himself playing an important role in maintaining and growing the AUTOSAR community in North America and building a more open future for AUTOSAR.

AUTOSAR looks forward to a cooperative and successful collaboration with Steve Crumb and wishes him all the best in his new role and the challenges connected to it

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