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AUTOSAR Regional Spokesperson China

AUTOSAR appoints Jing Zhe as Regional Spokesperson for China and connects the role as AUTOSAR representative to the same country.

Before joining AUTOSAR in 2011, Jing Zhe had already gathered experience in software application related to AUTOSAR and worked on E/E Architecture topics. Mainly, Jing Zhe supports AUTOSAR in his role as Director from Bosch China.

Starting from March 2022, Jing Zhe has been appointed as Regional Spokesperson for the AUTOSAR China Hub, in addition to his ongoing responsibilities as the AUTOSAR Representative of China. The China Hub will provide administrative support to the regional Working Groups and User Groups.

In his role as the AUTOSAR representative of China, Jing Zhe focuses on promoting AUTOSAR by giving speeches in China, supporting the AUTOSAR Open Conference and organizing theAUTOSAR China Day since 2021. Another focus is interfacing with Chinese AUTOSAR partners and the AUTOSAR management regarding their contribution to AUTOSAR Working Groups as well as the organization of various User Group meetings.

Jing Zhe states that “the goal is to shape the global AUTOSAR standard with more and more Chinese companies involved, in order to make joint international collaboration on complex software development feasible.”

Attracting more Chinese companies into the organization is an important mission in Jing Zhe’s new role since the innovation in the automotive field is more and more driven by software development in which Chinese companies can bring added value. Therefore, a common software architecture standard such as AUTOSAR provides a solid foundation for connecting the features of various parties and regional requirements. Jing Zhe believes that everyone will benefit from this in order to build and create many more features for the automotive industry.

Jing Zhe, the new AUTOSAR Regional Spokesperson for China, is looking forward to working in this role and meeting all of the industry’s great minds as it broadens his personal vision and networking.

AUTOSAR looks forward to continuing its collaboration with Jing Zhe and wishes him all the best in his new role and the challenges connected to it.

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