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AUTOSAR R20-11 Release Event: Programm Presentations

Hello AUTOSAR Enthusiast,

AUTOSAR will introduce its latest release for the Classic and Adaptive Platform including detailed features and highlights about the new concepts.

Welcomeadress - Kenji Hontani (Chairperson)

Introduction into Release Event - Günter Reichart (Spokesperson)

AUTOSAR Introduction - Rinat Asmus (Deputy Chairperson)

Feature Overview

1. Vehicle energy management - Manfred Zajicek 2. Safety - Huzaifa Saadat 3. Security - Adrian Baruta 4. Further concepts - Jennifer Neumüller

AUTOSAR Glimpse 2021 - Rinat Asmus (Deputy Chairperson)

Closing Session - Günter Reichart (Spokesperson)

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