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AUTOSAR Opening Strategy – Software Defined Vehicle Ecosystem

AUTOSAR Opening Strategy of Software Defined Vehicle in the Automotive Development Ecosystems

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a large, worldwide development partnership with AUTOSAR standards being used by numerous OEMs along with suppliers and tool providers.

Since some time, Automotive Software is no longer limited to the vehicle. The scope is extended to the interaction between onboard and offboard software, which finally represents the complete Software Defined Vehicle (SDV).

The AUTOSAR standards as core for safe and secure automotive onboard software and the essential building blocks for future SDV solutions. AUTOSAR has planned several opening use cases in the near future to support collaboration of the AUTOSAR partnership with other organizations in the automotive development ecosystem, especially with respect to global SDV activities.

To foster this development, AUTOSAR decided to introduce a new standard called “Vehicle API” to simplify to interact with AUTOSAR in the vehicle for the world outside AUTOSAR, i.e. connecting the IoT world. This standard will be developed in a new framework, which will also be open to non-AUTOSAR Partners. AUTOSAR is currently elaborating this framework.

The next step is to clarify the opening protocols on network level, such as SOME/IP for service-oriented communication and Dlt (Diagnostics, Log and Trace), to support the development of compatible applications beyond AUTOSAR.

Furthermore, the introduction of an additional license is under consideration, which would allow the use of AUTOSAR specifications and implementations for non-AUTOSAR partners, e.g. universities and startups, before actual industrialization or without intention of commercial exploitation. Further strengthening these activities, AUTOSAR has decided to introduce a new program for Premium Partners to be launched in 2022: Premium Partner Plus. In this new partnership level, the Premium Partner plus can have extended influence on shaping the AUTOSAR standards.

Additionally, the usage of AUTOSAR has never been limited to automotive applications only. To support potential users in using AUTOSAR for non-automotive applications, AUTOSAR plans to provide a list of examples with derived applications.

From the AUTOSAR perspective, the complexity of the Software Defined Vehicle is a challenge for the entire automotive industry that can only be mastered collaboratively, openly and flexibly. With the named aspects of opening, AUTOSAR is ready to join

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