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AUTOSAR for Intelligent Vehicles

New applications like highly automated driving, Car-2-X, software updates over the air, or vehicles as part of the internet of things raise completely new requirements to a software platform for the next generation of ECUs. AUTOSAR as the worldwide leading standardization organization for in-vehicle software bears this challenge and paves the way making vehicles intelligent and adaptive. Based on a set of selected use-cases, identified by the AUTOSAR partners, the challenges and the approach to master requirements for next generation cars are described. The new platform aims to support dynamic deployment of customer applications, to provide an environment for applications that require high-end computing power and to connect deeply embedded and non-AUTOSAR systems in a smooth way while preserving typical features originated in deeply embedded systems like safety, determinism and real-time capabilities. Built around existing standards such as POSIX, the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform will complement automotive specific functionalities enabling the platform to run in an automotive network.

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