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AUTOSAR experts from the automotive industry present the future of Automotive System Architectures in Shanghai

With the motto “AUTOSAR enables development of smart, safe and secure vehicles”, over 250 participants are expected to join the 11th AUTOSAR Open Conference on Nov. 6th and 7th, 2018 in Shanghai, China.

New applications such as advanced driving assistance, autonomous driving and V2X as well as new connectivity requirements and possibilities from the “Internet of Things” demand changes to the system architecture of automotive electronics. Likewise, safety and security must be considered with high priority to ensure robust autonomous driving vehicles, electric mobility and offboard connectivity.

AUTOSAR focuses on standardization with the goal of reliability, scalability and maintainability by developing common specifications, architecture and methodology for dependable automotive systems. It pursues the objective of creating and establishing an open and standardized system architecture for automotive electronic control units (ECUs). Founded in 2003, the AUTOSAR development partnership is a strong community with more than 200 leading companies from automotive, electronics, semiconductor and software industries.

AUTOSAR partners recognize the value of collaboration to develop long-term scalable system solutions for the global automotive industry. Therefore, AUTOSAR hosts the 11th AUTOSAR Open Conference on November 7th and a networking reception on the evening of November 6th, 2018 at the Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai, China.

About the AUTOSAR Open Conference (AOC)

The annual AOC provides a holistic overview of the AUTOSAR standards, in addition to recent developments, long term planning and organizational changes. The agenda is complemented by presentations from AUTOSAR partners. This leading event in the sector of automotive software development is an excellent opportunity to interact with more than 250 industry experts. After previous events in Detroit, Tokyo, Gothenburg and Silicon Valley, the 11th AOC takes place in Shanghai, China this year on November 6th – 7th.

This year’s Open Conference will focus on the synchronized release of the AUTOAR Classic and Adaptive Platform which will be published in autumn 2018. The releases R4.4 and R18-10 will contain updates to harmonize the two platforms to an overall system. For the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, developed to support high performance microprocessors, there will be improvements in the safety and security demands for autonomous driving vehicles, software downloads over the air and service-oriented communication. AUTOSAR publishes its Adaptive Platform releases twice a year in March and October. The specification and code implementation can be used royalty-free by AUTOSAR partners all over the world. At you can download all recent AUTOSAR specifications for information only.

Additional to the conference, AUTOSAR will offer the “Shanghai Days”. In technical sessions on the afternoon of November 6th, AUTOSAR experts will present specialized technical topics from the Classic and Adaptive Platform to interested participants. They can answer dedicated questions of the participants and offer them an open, technical exchange about the application of the AUTOSAR Platforms.

Further information about the program and the registration for the AOC and the Shanghai days is available online at

Early registration is recommended as seats are limited.

Jasmin Hamp
AUTOSAR Communication

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