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AUTOSAR China Day 2021

The AUTOSAR China Day (ACD) was held successfully at the Anandi Hotel in Shanghai on 21ST April. The conference, which was co-organized by Gasgoo, was on the third day of “The 2nd Software Defined Vehicles Forum 2021 & AUTOSAR China Day 2021”. It was the third event specially held by AUTOSAR in China and also the first China Day, which focused on Chinese users and applications.

Mr. Zhang Xiaoxian, Deputy General Manager of iSOFT, hosted the event. The AUTOSAR Chairperson Mr. Rinat Asmus gave a video welcome speech. Mr. Cui Aiguo from Huawei delivered a keynote speech for the conference with the topic "Focus on Basic Elements to Enable Software Defined Vehicles". AUTOSAR Representative to China Mr. Jing Zhe, Mr. Shi Siming from UAES, Ms. Liu Hongqian from iSOFT, Mr. Zhang Renjie from Bosch, Mr. Qu Yue from Vector, Mr. Xiao Meng from Untouch, and Ms. Fan Yun from Dongfeng gave their inspiring speeches at the conference.

During the final part of the conference, the panel discussion guests from AUTOSAR, Huawei, Dongfeng, ETAS and Vector had a hot discussion over the topic “The ‘whether, how, and when’ of AUTOSAR”. The guests provided examples from actual projects using AUTOSAR to improve software development efficiency and quality, ensuring functional safety, and reducing overall development and maintenance costs. They also expressed their optimistic expectations for the future development and application of AUTOSAR. On behalf of AUTOSAR, Mr. Jing Zhe said that it is cheerful that more and more Chinese companies are participating in using and developing the AUTOSAR standard. In the future, the AUTOSAR organization will continue to stay open, and expect that even more Chinese companies to participate in order to contribute to the development of automotive software for China and the rest of the world.

The AUTOSAR China Day attracted more than 300 participants and 1000 online viewers. The online viewers had interactive discussions with the on-site guests by leaving comments in the chat channel. Many appreciated the conference and expressed their expectations for the regular annual AUTOSAR China Day.



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