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AUTO.AI Europe

Berlin, Germany

AUTOSAR is represented by our spokesperson Günter Reichart at AUTO.AI Europe in Berlin. He will give a talk about the benefits of AUTOSAR standardization for certification in the field of highly automated driving.



Driving behavior of vehicles in autonomous mode will be strongly regulated by local authorities.


  • Apparent society movements
  • Optimize traffic flow and density
  • Optimize emissions

Homologation and local authorities will therefore define a standardized and transparent certification process. Consequently, the data basis for certification will not be differentiating. 

  • Collaborate on certification 
  • Compete on implementation

Hence development processes and artefacts are non-differentiating as well and can therefore be standardized in order to gain quality and efficiency effects. The presentation will show 

  • Where AUTOSAR contributions to the ADAS Development Cycle
  • Where collaborations with partners are complementing AUTOSAR adaptive achievements and
  • Where a collaboration between AUTOSAR and other partners paves the way to share driving scenarios between development partners?


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