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AHK meets AUTOSAR Part 3


Automotive Software Development for Future E/E System Architectures

Modern vehicles must support connectivity services, automated and autonomous driving, shared mobility and electric powertrains to meet sustainability guidelines and changing consumer preferences. Software is used to transform vehicle functions to meet these requirements and improve user experience, performance, functional safety and cybersecurity. Nevertheless, increasing complexity is challenging the automotive and mobility industry.

In the future, more and more software will be used to control and enable different vehicle functions. In addition to the new functional software, also the underlaying system architectures must be adapted to suit the future requirements. With its 600 certified automotive companies, two car manufacturers, and 8.000 software companies, Romania has the perfect mix for managing the future challenges of the mobility industry and developing new solutions for it.

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The event is part of a virtual event series this summer, where three AHKs will join forces with AUTOSAR to connect their members with interested industry players and to give insights into current automotive software development trends. All three events consist of company and project presentations and virtual networking.

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a global partnership of around 300 companies of all sizes in the automotive and software industry. Together they develop industry standards for software and methodology that enables scalable E/E system architectures for future intelligent mobility that supports high levels of dependability, especially safety and security. The AHKs (German Chambers of Commerce Abroad), as hotspots for their local markets, support companies in their search for new business opportunities and partners.

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