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13th AUTOSAR OPEN CONFERENCE - Save the date!

Dear AUTOSAR Enthusiasts,

Given the current situation, AUTOSAR has decided to have a fully digital 13th AOC. In addition, the event is postponed to the 11th/12th of May. Furthermore, the topics had to be adapted to the given focus on topics this year. The agenda for the two-day 13th AOC is attached.

As the integration of state-of-the-art software and new applications for autonomous driving vehicles continues, the communication between different platforms including safety and security aspects play a crucial and important role in the development process of automotive software.

By providing a common specification, architecture and methodology, the AUTOSAR development partnership forms the foundation for reliable automotive software standards. AUTOSAR is a strong community of more than 300 leading companies in the automotive field. AUTOSAR focuses on standardization, modularization with the goal of software scalability and maintainability. The AUTOSAR specification and code implementation is free to use for all AUTOSAR partners over the world.

Globally, high expectations are being made on future intelligent mobility in order to achieve climate goals and decarbonization in the automotive sector. This intelligent mobility requires a high degree of connectivity between vehicles, with the infrastructure and the cloud, a large number of intelligent sensors and actuators, and high computing power for sensor fusion and real time data processing.

Heterogeneous automotive systems will emerge to cope with these complex requirements.

If you want to meet the AUTOSAR experts and exchange about the latest developments for long-term software solutions for the new global automotive industry, mark your calendar for the 13th AOC.


Best regards


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