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11th AUTOSAR Open Conference in Shanghai showed status quo developments in Automotive System Architecture

“AUTOSAR enables development of smart, safe and secure vehicles“ - this was the motto of the 11th AUTOSAR Open Conference on Nov. 6th and 7th, 2018 in Shanghai, China with 280 participants.

On Nov 7th, 2018, the AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) Development Partnership held its 11th AUTOSAR Open Conference at the arising center of automotive industry, a global financial hub and China’s biggest city, Shanghai. The networking reception on the evening of Nov. 6th and the conference on Nov. 7th was attended by 280 registered participants from a total of 25 different countries. The conference was held in the Ball Room of the five-star hotel, the Portman Ritz-Carlton, including four sessions with in total of 16 presentations and an open discussion.

Mr. Gu Weihao from Baidu Inc. delivered the keynote presentation focusing on artificial intelligence and the future of mobility. The AUTOSAR Organization presented the latest developments in the AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platform, including development roadmaps, harmonization and homogenization processes of the different platforms and new features concerning the functional safety and the security of the data transmission in the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. Further sessions included presentations about AUTOSAR safe and secure systems, examples how AUTOSAR is already applied and specialized presentations about the AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platform.

“The 11th AUTOSAR Open Conference impressively demonstrated how AUTOSAR has become a global standard and is continually further developed and applied by its partners,” said Dr. Thomas Scharnhorst, spokesperson for AUTOSAR. “The large number of attendees and the very positive feedback also from Chinese companies showed that it was a good decision to hold this year’s AUTOSAR Open Conference in China and support the Chinese automotive and software industry in the AUTOSAR standardization process.”

A focus of this year’s Open Conference was on the synchronized release of the AUTOAR Classic and Adaptive Platform which was published recently. The releases R4.4 and R18-10 contain updates to harmonize the two platforms to an overall. Nevertheless, the 19-03 release will be focusing on consolidation of the 18-10 releases. For the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, developed to support high performance microprocessors, there are improvements in the safety and security demands for autonomous driving vehicles, software downloads over the air and service-oriented communication. The specification and code implementation are free for use for AUTOSAR partners all over the world. At you can download all recent AUTOSAR specifications for information only.

The 11th AUTOSAR Open Conference ended with a question and answer session that gave an often-used opportunity to enter into a dialogue with representatives of the Steering Committee and with Project Leaders.

All presentations held at the 11th AUTOSAR Open Conference are available online to download (via a separate "Link") for the conference participants.

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AUTOSAR Communication

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