How to join AUTOSAR

The realization of the AUTOSAR industry standard will provide significant benefits for OEMs, leading suppliers as well as for tool providers and new market entrants. Involve yourself in the development of AUTOSAR through the following types of partnership: Premium Partners, Development Partners, Associate Partners and Attendees.

The AUTOSAR partnership welcomes applications for new partners.

If you are interested in joining this partnership please send us an email to

Benefits of being an AUTOSAR Partner

Benefits for OEM:

  • Establish development distribution among suppliers
  • Compete on innovative functions with increased design flexibility
  • Simplify software and system integration
  • Reduce overall software development costs

Benefits for tool provider:

  • Interface with development processes
  • Embed tools into an overall tool environment


Benefits for supplier:

  • Reduce version proliferation
  • Reuse software modules across OEMs
  • Increase efficiency of application development
  • Invent new business models

    Benefits for new market entrant:

    • Enable new business models by means of standardized interfaces

    AUTOSAR Types of Partnership and Roles


    Click "JOIN" to receive your individual information package.

    * If a Premium Partner is not able to contribute 1.5 FTE, it can compensate 0.25 FTE by a compensation fee of 18,000 €. The minimal contribution of a Premium Partner is 0.5 FTE.

    Additional note: Premium Partners can apply for a Premium Partner Plus Partnership. Interested Premium Partners can request for the requirements, movement phase and application documents.

    Information Package Content

    The individual information package contains:

    • Introduction to AUTOSAR
    • AUTOSAR achievements and concepts
    • Detailed information on the application process 
    • Detailed information on contributions
    • Partner agreement
    • Company profile of the applicant
    • Partner Questionnaire

    Application Process

    Click “JOIN"

    Receive your individual information package

    Clarify your partnership with AUTOSAR and provide individual information about your company

    Candidate signs the AUTOSAR partner agreement

    AUTOSAR signs the partner agreement