Document Search - Filter Functions

General filter options

On the left side you may

  • filter by standards and document types, or
  • insert a specific search term.

There is a substructure to each standard and to document types, which enable you to narrow down the results. You can expand the substructure by clicking on “+” and collapse by clicking on “-“.

Filter by standards and document types

You may choose between the following options

  • Show all documents of one standard by simply checking one of the following main categories:
    • Classic Platform
    • Adaptive Platform
    • Foundation
    • Acceptance Test
    • Application Interface
  • Show all documents by simply checking the main category Document Types
  • Narrow down the results by
    • Unchecking the main categories, and
    • Checking one of the subcategories of the substructure such as a specific release, functional cluster, and/or document type

You may combine different filter options.
Example: You want to see all requirement specifications of release 4.3:

  • Check Release 4.3 under Classic Platform – Release, and
  • Check Requirements Specifications (RS) under Document Types.

Please note: if you check one (sub)category, all subcategories below are automatically selected.

You apply the filter by clicking the Search button.

Insert a specific search term

Just enter a specific search term and click the Search button to find all AUTOSAR documents containing this term.

No results

If there are no results, please change either

  • Your search term, or
  • Your filter settings.