11th AUTOSAR Open Conference

November 6th - 7th, 2018 in Shanghai, China

New applications such as advanced driving assistance, autonomous driving and V2X as well as new requirements and possibilities from the “Internet of Things” demand changes to the system architecture of automotive electronics. Likewise, to ensure autonomous driving vehicles, electric mobility and the offboard connectivity, safety and security must be considered with high priority.

By providing a common specification, architecture and methodology, the AUTOSAR development partnership forms the foundation for reliable automotive system architectures. AUTOSAR is a strong community of more than 200 leading companies from automotive, electronics, semiconductor and software industries. AUTOSAR focuses on standardization with the goal of reliability, scalability and maintainability. The resulting specifications and code implementations are free to use for all AUTOSAR partners over the world.

Additional event: AUTOSAR "Shanghai Days"

Specialized technical topics parallel to the AOC 2018

AUTOSAR will offer the "Shanghai Days" parallel to conference in November. In technical sessions, AUTOSAR experts will present specialized technical topics from the Classic and Adaptive Platform to interested participants.

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