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Release 2.0

Here you can download released documents of the AUTOSAR development partnership. You can download two types of specifications located in different categories:
  • Standard Specification - Standard specifications are documents, models or formats which describe the normative results of the AUTOSAR partnership. Products have to fulfill the specified content to be AUTOSAR compliant.
  • Auxiliary Material - Auxiliary material is a supporting document, model or format meant to further explain and/or improve the usability of standard specifications of the AUTOSAR partnership. Auxiliary material is recommended to read and/or use for a better understanding or harmonized usage of the AUTOSAR standard but is not mandatory to follow for AUTOSAR conformance.
The specifications as released by the AUTOSAR development partnership are intended for the purpose of information only. The use of material contained in the specifications requires membership within the AUTOSAR development partnership or an agreement with the AUTOSAR development partnership. The AUTOSAR development partnership will not be liable for any use of the specifications.

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